1983 PORSCHE 944

  • 07/1983
  • 225 KM
  • Gasoline
  • 112 KW (150 BHP)

1983 PORSCHE 944 / U.S. Spec / 1st Owner / Manual 5-Speed / Original Mileage & Condition

Interior Features

  • Air Condition
  • Panoramic Roof
  • Power Steering
  • Power Windows
  • Radio

Full Description

Having been underrated for far too long, the Porsche 944 slowly but steady becomes a modern classic although its rather low image has left the majority of the 944 trans-axle GTs to abuse, carelessness and certain death over time.

This particular 944 is a first generation, first owner U.S. spec vehicle with original mileage and full service history available for all the 35 years of its life span.

While the car shows slight wear & tear on the outside, its interior appears in wonderful all-original condition and the car has been technically well maintained throughout the years to date, all of it meticulously documented.

The engine suffered some damage from a broken timing belt but is currently under revision / re-build to get this little Porsche back to what it was made for……….pure driving pleasure.

All in all a modern classic that makes a fun daily driver at affordable cost, yet delivers the spirit of Ferdinand Porsche more than most so-called Porsche Enthusiasts would ever admit.