Porsche STRANDELL Group C Race Car

  • 05/1985
  • 0 KM
  • Gasoline
  • 0 KW (0 BHP)

STRANDELL Porsche Group C Race Car / One of a kind custom-built Race Car / Track Records in Le Mans, Spa, Hockenheim & others / Project Vehicle without Engine, all other parts available

Full Description

This is a one-time chance for Motorsport lovers with the aim for the project of their life – a historic Group C race car, built by the Swedish Porsche dealer Bo Strandell back in the early 1980’s and used to participate in the legendary 24-hours race of LE MANS in 1985 & 1986. Although the car did not make any top ranks at its time, it has a history and track record with FIA which makes the value of each historic race car.

Following years of being raced all over Europe, this vehicle – once built using mostly PORSCHE parts – rested in barns and shelters for the past 20 plus years with more than one proud owner intending to rebuild it to its original glory but failing due to lack of time and/or funds needed. Having been kissed awake, the car is lacking the original engine but complete in all other parts (transmission, turbo, chassis, electrics, body parts etc.) which makes it a good basis for a professional restoration project and worth to be brought back on the tarmac again some day.

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